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Disability Evaluation

Functional Capacity Evaluations are frequently used in the evaluation of a disability claim. An FCE tests a client’s ability to perform a series of tasks, which would simulate the client’s usual and customary job duties, to determine the extent to which the client is able to perform these tasks on a regular basis. It consists of a series of tasks designed to estimate the physical limitations of the client and to determine whether the client might be malingering.

At Northwest Physical Therapy, a well-conducted FCE provides objective clinical evidence on whether the client is physically capable of performing the usual and customary duties of his/her occupation. It is also designed to determine whether the client is putting forth his/her maximum effort in performing the tasks of the exam, and thus can provide evidence on whether the client is exaggerating his/her symptoms.

A Disability Evaluation also determines the degree of physical and mental impairment one suffers after injury. The diagnosis is applied to legal qualifications for benefits and income under disability insurance. It is also used to determine eligibility for Social Security and Workers’Compensation benefits. Northwest Physical Therapy can provide objective, functional outcome measures so you can make a more accurate decision on disability for your patients/clients.