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Functional Capacity Evaluation [FCE]

At Northwest Physical Therapy we conduct examinations (FCE) that assess an individual’s physical and functional capabilities. A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) evaluates an individual’s capacity to perform work activities related to his or her participation in employment. The FCE process compares the individual’s health status, and body functions and structures to the demands of the job and the work environment.  Our well-designed FCE consists of a battery of standardized assessments that offers results in performance-based measures and demonstrates predictive value about the individual’s return to work along with client’s safety and well-being.

At our clinics Functional Capacity Evaluations are performed by trained/certified clinicians. Our FCE provides objective information that can be compared to the physical demands of a job or another functional activity and can be used to make return-to-work decisions, disability determinations or to generate a rehabilitation program.


Who Can Benefit From an FCE?

  • Someone who has been injured on the job to determine his or her ability to return to the job or alternate work
  • Someone applying for Social Security Disability benefits
  • Someone seeking to return to work or volunteer activities after an injury or illness
  • Someone injured in a catastrophic accident (i.e., automobile accident) for whom an FCE can determine performance skills and abilities related to resuming former employment or a new job
  • Someone seeking vocational rehabilitation services
  • Students receiving transitional services from school to the work setting to determine their skills and the extent of support required to perform in a job