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Job Demand Analysis

A Job Demands Analysis is a visit to your workplace made by Northwest Physical Therapytherapist at a convenient time for you and your employer. It is intended to identify the physical demands of your occupation, such as its precise lifting limits and the likelihood of prolonged sitting or standing. This visit is always followed by a detailed written report.

When an employee is returning to work, accommodations often must be made. Our Therapists can assess the work place for which accommodations will be beneficial to the returning employee, and ensure the individual will return to work in a manner to prevent re-injury. Our Therapists work with the employer and employee during the assessment to gather information about the job and potential accommodations, and can provide a detailed and objective report to assist with return to work planning. Our Therapists can develop a gradual return to work plan based on this assessment for employers and employees to follow for a successful return to work.

Besides determining the essential duties and physical demands of an occupation, a job demands analysis report contains the Therapists recommendations to eliminate or control any identified risks. These suggestions, which might include altered tasks or ergonomic equipment upgrades, can help employee’s complete tasks more safely.