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Oncology Rehabilitation

Northwest Physical Therapy provides rehabilitation to all cancer patients and survivors in need, whether you are newly diagnosed or long finished with treatment. Cancer and its treatments can sometimes have lasting effects on daily performance including physical, cognitive, emotional and social functioning.

Our goal is to improve daily function and quality of life for the cancer fighter and survivor. We create customized programs to address a wide range of symptoms and diagnoses for each type of cancer. Our experienced team of therapists works with physicians & individuals to address rehabilitation needs for a variety of conditions including:

Lymphedema: Effective lymphedema prevention and management is accomplished through manual lymph drainage, range of motion exercises, aerobic exercise, and lymphatic bandaging.

CRF (Cancer Related Fatigue): Individualized aerobic training, strength training and functional management training is known to reduce effects of cancer related fatigue both during and after medical cancer treatments.

Pain: There are many pain relief strategies that can reduce the intensity and frequency of pain after cancer treatment. Specifically, treatment strategies including soft tissue mobilization, therapeutic massage, modalities, therapeutic stretching and strengthening.

Peripheral Neuropathy: Often times, cancer survivors experience peripheral neuropathy, which is abnormal nerve function that can be experienced as pain, numbness and tingling. Physical Therapy can help to improve nerve function or compensate for nerve dysfunction.

De-Conditioning: Rebuilding endurance for activities and cardiovascular function can be difficult during and after cancer treatment. A skilled physical therapist is able to educate and monitor cardiovascular endurance training.

Genitourinary Complications: For men undergoing treatment for prostate cancer and women undergoing treatment for bladder or ovarian cancer, incontinence and sexual dysfunction are common. A skilled physical therapist can help to rebuild the strength of the pelvic floor in order to improve urinary continence and reduce pain related to sexual function.