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Women’s Health Therapy

Many women suffer from common issues, such as pelvic pain, incontinence and other similar conditions. Women’s health issues can be detrimental to mental, physical and social health, interfering with one’s lifestyle and enjoyment. However, you are not alone, and the good news is that you can be helped with the right physical therapy treatments. At every stage of life, there are challenges that women face that can benefit from physical therapy. Whether you experience bladder leakage when you sneeze (incontinence), have a wrist fracture due to osteoporosis, suffer with a back ache from pregnancy or lifting your children, or need post-surgical breast care, we can help.We provide one-on-one care and customized treatment programs in a discreet and comfortable environment.

Our physical therapists can provide significant benefits for these and other conditions:

-Pregnancy musculoskeletal dysfunction
-Pre & Postnatal care/Issues
-Diastasis Recti
-Sacral Dysfunction
-Chronic Pelvic Pain
-Low back pain
-Oncology Rehabilitation
-Post Surgical Breast Care