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Work Condition & Hardening

We can help your employee Return-to-Work safely & quickly!

Northwest Physical Therapy provides programs designed to comprehensively rehabilitate the injured worker to a physical level that allows full duty Return-to-Work. Our work conditioning and work hardening programs are designed specific to each client’s injuries and occupation.

We adjust and personalize each program to best suit the client and his or her job demands. Our Work Conditioning / Work Hardening program provides the stabilizing, strengthening, and conditioning necessary for work simulation and Return-to-Work.

We ensure close communication & coordination of care with the treating physician, employer, case manager and the insurance representative to return the client to productive employment in a cost effective and efficient manner as quickly & safely as possible.



Northwest Physical Therapy believes rehabilitation should not stop after client’s Return-to-Work program is complete. That’s why, to ensure a lasting recovery, Northwest Physical Therapy teaches ongoing symptom-management strategies, including safe lifting, targeted stretching, and postural adjustments. We’ll also monitor Return-to-Work progress to better adjust client’s independent program and ensure continued improvement.